2020. február 25., kedd

Individual Doctoral Training

(from the 5th semester of the doctoral training programme)

Those graduate students who have significant previous research achievements in their selected research field can apply for the "research-dissertation period" of the PhD training programme (5th-8th semesters). The candidates can be helped by their (potential) foreign supervisors, but shall choose another scholar as a co-supervisor from the Faculty of Law of Szeged.

The following rules are worth putting the emphasis on:

  1. Applications should be submitted within the application period according to the rules set out on the University Doctoral Institute’s website: http://www.u-szeged.hu/doctoral/doctoral-studies-161201/doctoral-studies

Application periods usually fall on May and in December each year.

  1. In the application for admission applicants shall designate her/his research topic to be chosen from the list announced by the Doctoral School. The applicant's research topic may cover a closely related field or a specific part of the topics enlisted there. The Doctoral School considers individual proposals from the applicants for other, specific topics.
  2. Applicants should prove their scientific achievements in the field of their research (for example: scientific publications, presentations at conferences). These achievements should worth at least 65 credits, based on the rules set out in the Regulations of the Doctoral School, as a requirement of the admission. Applicants can introduce their scientific achievements in a form to be attached to their application material.

(Please find attached the "Report_on_scientific_achivements and request for credit approval" form).

  1. In addition to the general requirements, the following supplements should be attached to the application material:
    • research summary (about the scientific activities dealt with in their field of studies and its development) or the dissertation;
    • research proposal (for a two years period to be followed in case of successful application);
    • statement of the supervisor professor about the acceptance of the research topic and research plan;
    • the filled form entitled "Report_on_scientific_achivements and request for credit approval".
  2. The Council of the Doctoral School (CDS) will evaluate the Applicant’s research achievements.
  3. Upon the recommendation of the CDS, the Doctoral Council of Social Sciences (DCSS) decides whether the Applicant is eligible to take the comprehensive exam, appoints the Examination Committee, and admits the Applicant to the training programme if the comprehensive exam is successful.
  4. The Head of the Doctoral School appoints the date and place of the comprehensive exam (usually February or September). Information about the comprehensive exam (list of exam topics and materials) shall be found on the website of the Doctoral School.
  5. Taking a successful comprehensive exam results in the Applicant's admission to the 5th semester of the PhD Training Programme and the official approval of the Applicant's research and professional work worth of at least 45 course credits and 65 research credits.
  6. The above-mentioned form also contains request for obtaining further credits for some specific kinds of previous scientific and professional work and achievements. Such previous work and achievements can only be approved in the admission procedure.
  7. The general regulations should be applied for the Applicant: for instance, he/she can complete the programme (absolutorium) after obtaining 240 credits and shall submit his doctoral thesis within 3 years after fulfilling the comprehensive exam. Of the 240 credits the Applicant shall obtain at least 80 credits in the doctoral training programme (5-8 semesters).

This form of the programme is fee-paying.

  • Registration fee: 1000 Euros
  • Tuition fee/semester: 2800 Euros
  • Procedural fee to obtain a doctoral degree: for foreign nationals, who take part in a paid doctoral training for at least one academic year (two semesters) at our University, the fee shall be EUR 500.