2020. October 23., Friday


Let’s Talk! - Introduction

The focus of the course is intercultural communication under which French and Hungarian students can cooperate.

As for the structure of the course, Tamás Pongó and László Gulyás teaches online classes where different cultural topics are in the focus. After the lectures, the students will be put into international groups – meaning Hungarians will be working together with French – where they will participate in video conferences and talk about certain topics without the lecturers’ supervision.

The language of the course is English, and it is a practice-oriented training where students’ ideas and thoughts get a lot of emphasis. The course evaluation is not based on traditional exams or assignments but on other creative ways (creating projects, devising new activities and so on).

You can apply at Dr. Tamás Pongó pongo.tamas@juris.u-szeged.hu until 15th October 2020 15.00.