2021. April 23., Friday

IT Room of the Faculty of Law

During the renovation of the main building of the Faculty of Law, the IT Room is not available. Please use University sIT services available in the Univeristy Library, but please note these may also be subject to COVID-19 restricitons.

The IT Room of the Faculty of Law, which is in the building of the Faculty, provides students with the possibility of using the electronic information and the student services. Seventy computers can be used by the students of law possessing a valid student ID card with a chip card.


These cards are placed in the reading device on the righthnad side of the keyboard, then the students can use the internet, search databases. The Complex DVD legislative database can also be searched with the accompanying paper template database, the trilingual law collection and the municipal CD supplements; as the Opten Act Database, the Opten Company Database, the Dictionary of the Terminology Database of the European Union, the “Codexpress” DVD and the Great Lexicon of Révai. Every computer comes with the MS Office programs (MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS POWERPOINT). The saved or downloaded materials can be taken home with the user’s own USB-devices.


The IT Room also offers collateral services (copying, pdf-conversion of thesis files, CD-burning, scanning, preparing a bibliography, copying materials form the departments, sale of books and acts, printing). Printed materials can be taken from the copy place. The operator of the IT Room can help with problems or correct errors.