2022. September 28., Wednesday

4th CIPA of the Public Law Institute on Hungarian - Polish Axis

The 4th Contemporary Issues of Public Administration conference was held on 10 December 2021. This time, the gathering took place in an online sphere under the auspice of our long-standing Hungarian – Polish cooperation. Lecturers and PhD Students from the University of Szeged, the University of Szczecin, and the University of Łódź shared their recent research results in the field of administrative law.

After the organiser and the chair of the event, Erzsébet Csatlós greeted the participants, Judit Siket commemorated the centenary of the University of Szeged by giving an insight into the history of the university and the great jurist of the antecedents of the Institute. Following the solemnly opening, thematic sections followed one another.


1. Early birds - the morning session participants.

First, the local aspects of public administration were explored by Zsófia Holecska and Sándor Nagy, then cultural tasks of the State were presented by Maria-Karcz-Kaczmarek and Károly Vigh. Responding to the administrative challenges of migration and security, Imola Schiffner, Cemre Erdal, Erzsébet Csatlós and Ömer Doğukan Uslu held lectures exploring different aspects of the topic. In addition, financial and economic aspects of public administration were also analysed by Krystyna Nizioł, Narmin Miriyeva, Claudia Weiss and Agnieszka Słomczyńska. Last but not least, the core issue of all sciences, methodology closed the session by Michał Peno.

The online gathering gave an occasion to discuss research materials of the Lecturers and the Students and to find the common fields of interest. The time quickly flew away and the academic discussions were spent in a good mood and opened the sphere for prospects.

The final program of the conference can be seen below; the edited version of the presentations is to be published in 2022.


2. Covid-safe international gathering on a virtual flight.