2021. December 5., Sunday

Faculty of Law Student Participated for the First Time in the EPLO Global Administrative Law in Practice Program

Our Faculty was represented in the in the Global Administrative Law in Practice Program, an academic program offered by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO). Timea Vörös, our student of the Master in International Relations in English participated in the program through the scholarship support provided by the International and Regional Studies Institute. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic measures, it was organized this year online from 20 to 24 July 2020.

This year’s program offered a variety of lectures on the topics of the responsibility and accountability of international organizations, global financial regulation and regulators, and the Brexit. Our student had the chance to examine a variety of global administrative bodies starting from the United Nations to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The Brexit topic widen our student’s knowledge about the discussions ongoing with the UK’s future relationship with the EU and its Member States. Also, there was a session where challenges and the impossibility of a global constution were discussed. Each session followed by the discussions related to the possible solutions for the raised problems.


Ms. Vörös reported that the topics encountered in the program were extremely interesting because the lecturers used different methods and perspectives specific to their profession. She learnt different research methods and different methods to use the data available at hand such as statistics. She also practiced her English skills during the individual and group presentations regarding the specific topics such as the relationships between Ireland and Northern Ireland. She also enjoyed the online environment where the lectures started on time and was held just enough by length. The lecturers could encourage the students’ participation in the discussions just like it would be as an in situ organized program. Even though a lac k of law background, Ms. Vörös stated that she had felt no obstacle in smooth understanding and evaluating the topics discussed. Finally, the great opportunity the program offered for our student was the virtual environment where she still could be in touch with the foreign lecturers and students with whom she exchanged contact information leading for her to a networking opportunity.