2021. December 5., Sunday


First-Ever Online Orientation Day for the Foreign Language Programs at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

The traditional face-to-face orientation day organized each year by the Faculty of Law for the students participating in the programs offered in foreign languages was held online in this year, due to the COVID-19 preventive protocols followed by the higher education institutions throughout the world, as well as by the University of Szeged.

Students participating in the variety of programs offered by the Faculty of Law in English, French and German languages were welcomed at the Online Orientation Day organized on the 18th of September. Firstly, the students were hosted in an online room for a welcome speech where they also could meet all the program coordinators and the students. The welcome speech was followed by the parallel program-specific meetings.

These were organized by the coordinators of the following programs: 

- Erasmus,

- MITRA English and MITRA French (an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree on the Study of Transnational Migration – MIgrations TRAnsnationales)

- Master in International Relations in English,

- Master in International Relations in French,

- The International and European Trade and Investment Law (LLM)

- German Law.

While the students were discussing the program-related issues with the coordinators, the administrator for foreign language study programs Ms. Julia Gyöngyösi from the Students Office visited each program’s online room offering her consultation to the students. Many students indicated in their feedback that they found the online orientation day quite beneficial and informative especially under the new education order brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We once again virtually welcome our students to the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, and wish all of them a fruitful academic year.


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