2022. July 4., Monday

“Summer Intensive on Global Administrative Law in Practice Training” Program offered by the European Public Law Organization Received Three Students from Szeged!

This year, three students from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences attended to the “Summer Intensive on Global Administrative Law in Practice” academic training program offered by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO). The academic and financial support provided to the students by the International Regional Studies Institute of the Faculty with the grant given by the Hungarian Ministry of Justice. Due to the Covid-19 measures, this year’s program was also offered online-only in between the 26th of July 2021 and the 30th of July 2021.



The students enjoyed receiving lectures from esteemed academics participated in teaching from all over Europe, such as, professors from distinctive Italian and Maltese Universities, as well as lecturers of the European Law and Governance School. The lectures’ structure was broken down into a theoretical and a practical session, where the lecturers gave their talks in the theoretical one, and the students worked on different court cases during the practice classes.



Anna Kecskés, a fourth-year law student, summarized the event as informative and intensive on the constitutional and institutional issues regarding global administration and governance. The student enjoyed learning different areas of administrative issues, such as, the illegal acts committed by international organizations and their level of responsibility, and indicators as technologies of global governance. Overall opinion of the student on the event points that the lecturers encouraged the students to have an open discussion to explore and extend the content of the lectures which then lead the students to improve their communication and public speaking skills.



Another participant, Azat Azemkulov, a second-year English Master in International Relations student stated that even though he was an International Relations student, he found the way to connect topics related to global administration to the international legal relations as an integral part of it. For the student, the presentation materials were clear and understandable, and the lecture topics in the program was up to date with today’s problems.


Eszter Kovács, a second-year English Master in International Relations student, stressed that even though she was lacked of an expertise in the areas of global administration, the program was helpful to fulfill this gap. The student also stated that she enjoyed listening people who not only come from different nations but also from various educational background.