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Legal Clinic

History of the Legal Clinic


The “Legal Clinic” initiative of the University of Szeged Faculty of Law and Political Sciences commenced in 2005, being inspired by the international successes of similar initiatives, and because it recognized the potential of these possibilities. The priorities for our Legal Clinic are to provide legal aid for the indigent, to maintain connections with the local interest-groups and their representatives, and members of the civil organizations. Access to our tutor-teachers (attorney-at-law teachers) is available for anyone, who is interested even from university students as well.


Participating in the expert legal training opens up the possibility for students to join the work of the Legal Clinic. Students can participate in the work of Legal Clinic by registering for the Legal Clinic as a facultative course. For those interested in the Legal Clinic, the classes are held in small groups, under the supervision of an academic teacher, during these sessions the participants resolve and analyze cases relating to discrimination, or make contact with clients, thus broaden the legal approach of the participating students, who have a desire to help, and to get to know the challenges of real-life legal practice.



Introduction of Legal Clinic and its goals


The goals of the Legal Clinic have remained the same since 2005:


  • prepare the students for legal practice using their already acquired knowledge,
  • strengthen their solidarity towards people who stand in need of legal aid, information, advice,
  • form and develop their professional ethic,
  • build awareness of discrimination issues in the law.


What cases are we dealing with?

How does the education function?

What assists with the functioning of Legal Clinic?

What are the requirements for university students?

Who is the Legal Clinic in favor of?



Academic teachers of the Legal Clinic


Head of the Office:

Gábor Bárkányi dr.iur.

Tel.: +36.20.411.73.27


Office: Szeged, Feketesas Street 28.


Customer hours:

Monday 14.00-16.00

Wednesday 14.30-15.30

Friday 16.00-18.00

Partner Organizations of the Legal Clinic


In the framework of the partnership agreement they are the followings:


  • Ágota Foundation; János Kothencz; 6722 Szeged, Kossuth Lajos Avenue 29.
  • National Center of Patient rights, Welfare rights, Child rights and Documentation (OBDK); György Dubecz dr. iur.; 6723 Szeged, Sás Street 2.
  • Csongrád county organization of the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ); Andorné Gál; 6722 Szeged, Bartók Béla square 4.
  • Csongrád county Association of Blind and Partially Sighted, Adrienn Kiss Györgyné; 6721 Szeged, Bocskai Street 11.
  • Csongrád county Association of Reduced Mobility, Margit Tóth; 6725 Szeged, Petőfi Sándor Avenue 75.
  • TÁMASZ Association, Gertrúd Söszler Kakujáné; 6723 Szeged, Bocskai Street 9.
  • Child Welfare Association, Katalin Radics Miskolcziné; 6722 Szeged, Kossuth Lajos Avenue 17.
  • Gypsy Minority Local Government of Szeged, László Kolompár; 6724 Szeged, Csongrádi Avenue 63.
  • Social, Family protection and Health Office of the Mayor’s Office of Szeged, Novkov Veszelinka; 6701 Szeged, Huszár Street 1.
  • Joint Social Institution of Multi-purpose Association of Area of Szeged (SZKTT-ESZI), Éva Ványai dr. iur.; 6724 Szeged, Kálvária Avenue 45.


Written about us... Legal Clinic panorama in the Magyar Közöny, Faculty’s periodical