2020. July 16., Thursday

Anti-politics in Europe: the Italian case – Guest Lecture of Gianluca Vagnarelli

Gianluca Vagnarelli, the scientific assistant of the University of Macerata visited our Law School during September 19-22, 2016, during which period he delivered a lecture to international relations, political sciences and sociology students with the title of „Anti-politics in Europe: the Italian case”. The lecturer has pointed out that anti-politics is not a new phenomenon in Europe or Italy, but it gains an ever increasing role nowadays, as well as those who represent this concept. The lecturer used the example of the Five Star Movement led by the humorist Beppe Grillo, which became the second biggest parliamentary party after the general elections of 2012 in Italy.


Connected to this the lecturer has pointed on the greatest trap of anti-politics movements, namely, that they will become parts of the political system they used to criticize and which they aimed to reform. The mechanisms and inner logic of political systems and party politics narrows the scope of action for those parties that have developed from anti-political movements. The guest lecturer was hosted by Krisztina Juhász, the assistant professor of the Department of Political Sciences.