2021. June 12., Saturday


“Contemporary Issues of Public Administration” - Conference with different topics related to administrative law

The last week of April was marked by the visit of our kind colleague, Dr. habil Krystyna Niziol (Uniwersytet Szczecinski). It was her second time in Szeged and it gave us the opportunity to organise an international conference to share our recent research result with each other. We tried to enhance her stay in Szeged with cultural and gastronomic programs so we could exchange our experiences in educational and scientific issues in a pleasant and comfortable way and discussed further partnership programs.

The conference was held on 26th April. A colourful variation of different topics was on the agenda to demonstrate the many different sides of public administration and the versatility of administrative law. The event was divided into three panels and was chaired by the head of our Department, Dr. habil Albert Takács. The first one dealt with financial law issues with Dr. habil Krystyna Niziol (’The Economic and Legal Consequences between Choosing Public Debt or Increasing Tax Burden’) and Balázs Gyenge (Assistant reseach fellow, Institute of Business Law; Taxation and eMobility - Alternatives in the Field of Tax Treatment of Company Cars in Hungary’). The second panel focused on domestic administrative law with Judit Siket (Assistant lecturer, Department of Administrative Law; ‘Legal Protection Rules of New Administrative Procedure’), Zsuzsa Szakály (Assistant research fellow, Department of Constitutional Law; ‘Constitutional Complaints against the Administrative and Labour Courts’ Decisions) and Katalin Sándor (PhD student, Department of Administrative Law; ‘Hungarian Petty Offence Law - an Area of Law between Criminal and Administrative Law’).

The third panel analysed administrative law questions from an international and EU law perspective with Imola Schiffner, PhD (Senior lecturer, Department of International Law and European Law; ‘Right to Good Administration in the Context of Third Country Nationals’), Erzsébet Csatlós, PhD (Senior lecturer, Department of Administrative Law; ‘Cooperation of Consular Authorities of EU Member States in the View of Good Administration’) and Lorik Pustina (PhD Student, Department of Political Sciences; ‘The Consequences of the Europeanization of the Public Administration in Kosovo: the Past and the Present’).

The conference volume with the edited version of the lectures is coming soon.


Csatlós Erzsébet

senior lecturer

Department of Administrative Law