2020. July 2., Thursday

Cooperation between University of Szeged and European Public Law Organization continues

Cooperation between University of Szeged and European Public Law Organization (EPLO) has started in 2018 and was reinforced with an international conference entitled „Democracy and law in European integration and in international relations” that was held in spring 2018 here in Szeged with great success. This cooperation further created an opportunity for University of Szeged, Faculty of Law students in Ph.D. and master degree programs to participate in summer school and summer academy organized by the EPLO and internship program offered by the EPLO both in Athens and in Legraina.


Two parties have jointly agreed to continue this cooperation, thanks to the efforts of EPLO, International and Regional Studies Institute (IRSI), and Europe Direct for making Szeged once again a venue for another great international conference that is going to be held in 25 April 2019 entitled „Economy, law and sovereignty in the EU - coordinating interests and obligations of the Member States in the global economic space” aiming to engage international and domestic participants in a scientific dialogue on the current challenges of Europe and European law, but more precisely, the rights of the Member States to protect national economic interests.


Same as the last year, Faculty of Law students once again will have an opportunity to participate in EPLO organized academic summer programs in 2019 as well. Calendar of the summer programs are as following: „Migration Summer School 2019” is planned between 22-29 July 2019 aiming to give opportunity to the students to discuss current migration challenges in Europe together with the legal and practical issues. „Academy of European Public Law” is planned between 26 August and 14 September 2019 aiming to help students become familiar with the practical aspects of unification of European legislation.

In addition to the summer programs, students will be able to apply for an internship program at the EPLO. Within the internship program, interns could work at the EPLO premises in Athens and Legraina to improve their working skills in an international organization operating in a multicultural environment.


Call for applications for the summer programs and the internship program will soon be published on the EPLO, Faculty of Law, and IRSI official websites.