2020. July 16., Thursday


Doctor honoris causa award for Professor Prof. László Trócsányi

In her laudation, the UNE Vice Rector Miroszlava Lengyel emphasized that by warding the doctor honoris causa title, the most famous higher education institution of Transcarpathia acknowledges all the results of Trócsányi’s academic, diplomatic and political work. At the same time, the university is thankful for his contributions to the development of legal academia and education, of the scientific cooperation between the Ukraine and Hungary, moreover to the strengthening of the ties between Hungary and the UNE, which looks back on its more than seven decades of existence. - she stressed.


Having received the honorary doctoral title, in his ceremonial lecture entitled New European Constitutional Law Conceptions Trócsányi underlined that it is an honor being inaugurated as an honorary doctor for the UNE on the anniversary of the higher education institution. He added that being a professor of constitutional law, he wishes to talk about none other than how traditional conceptions of constitutional law change and what this change brings about for lawmakers and practitioners.


Among others, the professor emphasized: national legal systems – called Member States laws in the European Union – can be less and less considered as autonomous islands, which developed based only on their own traditions. These are tied to other legal systems with so many strings that they are rather coral reefs, which oftentimes take to environmental change and any influence coming from the outside in a sensitive manner. he added, by stating that it is one of the greatest challenges of this era that the old conceptions are factually filled with new content, and this phenomenon can be experienced in every and all states.


After his lecture, Trócsányi told the press: “Having received the onorary doctor honoris causa title, I feel myself belonging to the University of Uzhgorod, and both as a minister of justice and as a professor I think that it is important to forge such strong ties with this university having 14000 students, like the ones we already have with the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute.”


He also underlined that it is important that the students of the Uzhgorod university know that they can count on Hungary and Hungary counts on them. We must start joint programs, we must strengthen cooperation among students besides the cooperation between teaching faculty as well. – added Trócsányi.


As part of his one-day visit to Transcarpathia, the minister of justice met and negotiated with the representatives of the local government of Transcarpathia county in their offices. The talks mostly concerned questions regarding the improvement of cross-border relations and reviewed the possibilities of sharing Hungarian EU-integration experiences with Transcarpathia.