2020. August 14., Friday


‘European Administration’ in Romeo & Juliet’s hometown

For most of the people, Verona is remarkable for Shakespeare’s tragic romance, although for local people it is an offense as their city is much more that the artificial traces of a legend. I arrived here to introduce PhD students to the essence of European Administration and get involved with the academic life of the Universita' degli studi di Verona for a week (20-24th February, 2017).


I had the chance to experience all sides of the Italian lifestyle in Verona: excellent cuisine, the beautiful vibrant city with Roman amphitheatre and medieval old town, and events of academic life in the prestigious university buildings as well as in pleasant restaurants.


Verona is a place of traditions where history and a fake legend coexists just as serious work of law students with the expression of their footprint in the University garden after graduation: yellow rubber ducks.

Summing up, it was an inspiring and busy week which was topped with further educational and research collaboration plans.

27th February 2017

Erzsébet Csatlós

senior lecturer

Department of Public Administration