2020. July 8., Wednesday


Exciting Early Spring English Courses for the Students of Institute of Comparative Law

It is well known that the Institute of Comparative Law maintains several programs in foreign languages and provides returning lecturers from all over the world in order to deliver authentic lectures for our students.


At the end of February (23-25 February) Stefan Messmann professor of international business law came from the CEU. He used his wide and deep practical knowledge and experiences to introduce the rules on international business environment to the foreign students of the International and European Trade and Investment Law LLM program.


There is a flourishing connection between the University of Szeged, Faculty of Law and the University of Toledo, College of Law. Due to this strong cooperation American law professors are visiting and teaching every year in our American Legal Expert and Basics of Common Law and English Legal Translation Programs. Between 2 and 11 March two professors arrived. Professor Eric Chaffee taught about the international business law in American aspect. Furthermore he explained to the students the specific rules regarding the trade among the US states and also in the world.


Professor Chaffee gave the floor to Professor Evan Zoldan who arrived one week later to teach about the legal system of American civil procedure law. His interest in our language and culture was more than delightful. After visiting the rural part of Hungary, he introduced himself in Hungarian to the students.


Foreign teachers will visit us in May to deliver lectures in the International and European Trade and Investment Law LLM. These lectures are opened not only for the students of the programs.