2020. July 16., Thursday


Gizem Gültekin interview

(Péter Mezei) When did you start your studies at the Szeged Law School?

(Gizem Gültekin Dr. Várkonyi) I had started Masters in International Relations at the Faculty of Law in 2014 and I successfully completed the program in 2016. I would like to thank everyone from here once again, to my family, friends and academics at the University who always supported me and helped me for this success.

Gizem Gültekin Dr. Várkonyi (Photo: Szabolcs Erdélyi)

(PM) Why did you choose the program?

(GG) I actually have very special reasons to be here in Szeged. First of all, I was an Erasmus student in here in frame of an agreement between my beloved University in Turkey, Hacettepe University and Universtiy of Szeged in 2010. From the first moment, I felt in love with the city, the culture and the traditions which are almost make me feel like at my motherland. After I experienced many times that Hungarians are really respectful to all differences and are helpful no matter what identity a person has, I had no worries for living here. I had made many friendships, I had one of the best life time in here and when I was going back, one of that friend stayed in my heart a little bit more than others. That friend, who is my husband now, was also graduated from Law Faculty. After the marriage, we were thinking of where would be the best to live, Ankara or Szeged? As I wanted to continue my studies in different department than my bachelor, as I already know that University of Szeged is one the most beautiful University in Europe, it did not take me so long to decide. In addition, I had a chance to meet at Law Faculty representatives at the Universities’ Fair in Ankara. When I got know about the programs, facilities and opportunities from the first persons, then I decided to move here. Since then, I have finished the masters and now I am proud to be found eligible by the University and the Faculty to continue as a PhD student!


(PM) What was your motivation to continue?

(GG) Although my background was neither law nor international relations, with the help of the high quality education, now I am holding a title of ‘International Relations Expert’. The academic staff in here is very well experienced, they know the best way to transfer their knowledge and they have enough capability to direct the students for the further studies. I trust the University’s vision to enlarge mine too.


(PM) What is your research field?

(GG) I have bachelor degree on Information Management and a master degree on International Relations. In this case, it was not really hard for me to find my research field where the information is the most decision-maker power, knowledge is the biggest investment and they both are one of the most effective players in the international relations. Realization of these powers in Europe also affected the legal agenda of the countries. Now almost all countries have been challenging with the information policies, transparency and security issues, and protection of personal data issues. Borderless Information and Communication Technologies bring challenges not only for the countries but for their international relationship though. During the PhD program, I will try to focus on these titles and hopefully I will find the way to present a solution for the challenges.


(PM) And what are your future plans?

(GG) Well, I have many plans, but I mostly demand to be always at the academic environment, either in Turkey or anything related to Hungary. That is why I am aware of the fact that PhD at the Law Faculty requires many efforts which I am ready to put, discipline and also individual researches. I am planning to publish any of my research either in Hungary or in the international journals, so I may thank to this beautiful University by this way.