2020. October 28., Wednesday


Graduation ceremony and donation of Civis Academicus Honoris Causa at the Faculty of Law

On 23rd of September 2016 a graduation ceremony was organised for the graduate studants in the American Legal Training. The seven students were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Gábor Szabó, rector. After that Dr. Péter Mezei commemorated the previous two years of the program.


Besides the handover of certificates, Professor Phillip J. Closius received the Honoris Civis Academicus Honoris Causa prize. With this prize, our Faculty wished to express how much we appreciate what Professor Closius did for the American Legal Training Program and for the Basics of Common Law and English Legal Translation Program. Professor Closius takes part since the beginning not only as a lecturer, but also as a founding member. In the last 12 years favoured the classes with his, where he introduced the American Constitution in a spiritful and comprehensible style.

Professor Phillip J. Closius and Dr. Péter Mezei

Before the handover of the prize, Prof. Dr. Gábor Szabó rector and Dr. Péter Mezei vice-dean highligted the importance of the bilateral cooperation among the faculties and law schools not only in Europe but on the wider, international level as well.