2020. June 1., Monday

Guest lecture on the US Uniform Commercial Code by University of Richmond’s professor

The Institute of Business Law hosted David Frisch, professor of law at the University of Richmond, Virginia, from 7 to 10 May 2018

Professor Frisch gave lectures on Secured Transactions within an elective course, where students were given the opportunity to understand the basics of US commercial law through the provisions of the United States Uniform Commercial Code.


The lectures focused on the underlying issues of secured transactions from a practical approach, highlighting the unique features of US commercial and business law.


Students were able to learn about the legal requirements of commercial transactions and the importance of financing statement in these transactions.


By studying the subject of the course, students could not only deepen their knowledge of the rules and exemptions of secured transactions but also examine the possibilities of resolving legal issues presented by the professor.


The Institute of Business Law would like to thank Professor Frisch's excellent lectures during his visit to Szeged and encourage his students to attend further high-quality lectures to acquire useful theoretical and practical legal knowledge related to business life.