2020. August 14., Friday


Guest lectures and a conference in Istanbul

Two colleagues of our Faculty were hosted by the precious University of Marmara, Faculty of Law on the week of 31 October - 4 November 2016. Using the Erasmus+ mobility contact of the Department of Administrative Law, Erzsébet Csatlós, PhD (Department of Administrative Law) introduced Turkish student to the essence of European Administration and the role and place of national public administration system in the European Union, and Imola Schiffner (Department of International Public Law and European law) continued with interesting facts of the EU citizenship and the subjects of international law. Both lecturers took part at the conference “Contemporary Issues in EU Law and Integration” together with our host, Deniz Tekin Apayd, PhD and colleagues from the Kocaeli University which is also an Erasmus partner of our Faculty. The lectures will be published in a special issue of the Marmara Journal of European Studies.

The variety of lectures and conference presentations called the attention to the fact that the border between international and national law is flexible and interoperable end enhanced us for further cooperation in research and education. Beyond professional events, we had the chance to deepen into Turkish higher education system, culture and the daily schedule of Turkish colleagues and we also met the amazing historical sides of the great city of Istanbul.

On this ground our plans are clear for the future: we shall follow this path and continue the cooperation and we are looking forward to repeat this week – this time in Szeged. We left the city in the hope of a future prosperous cooperation on the base of the matching points of international law, EU law and public administration.

Erzsébet Csatlós, PhD
senior lecturer