2020. June 1., Monday

If you’re going to San Francisco… and Texas

Associate Professor Péter Mezei traveled to the United States during 17-26 March 2018 in order to build institutional level contacts with American partners and to comply with invitations to deliver a lecture and a conference presentation on copyright law.


Upon the invitation of Professor William Gallagher (Golden Gate University School of Law) Associate Professor Mezei visited the Bay Area, where he held a brownbag presentation on digital exhaustion on 19 March. In accordance with the local traditions, the presentation was reviewed by two professors of the school, namely Marc C. Greenberg and Samuel Ernst. The next day, Associate Professor Mezei visited the campus of the Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, where he had the privilege to talk to the well-known international intellectual property lawyer, Professor Paul Goldstein, on research, education and international IP.


On 21 March, Associate Professor Mezei met William McGee, a senior arbitrator headquartered in the San Diego area, who had been earlier involved in the American Legal Experts Training, and discussed the possibilities of a future collaboration within the frames of the Szeged Law School’s English language programs.


Finally, upon the invitation of Professor Peter K. Yu, Associate Professor Mezei attended a conference at the School of Law of the Texas A&M University in Fort Worth, Texas. The conference focused on the twentieth anniversary of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the United States. Associate Professor Mezei presented on the European counterpart of this statute (the E-Commerce Directive). The wide variety of topics and presenters allowed Associate Professor Mezei to build new contacts on both sides of the Atlantic. Among many, the most promising talks were with Professor Matthias Leistner from Munich and Doris Estelle Long from Chicago, who have agreed to visit Szeged for purposes of delivering a lecture for the Szeged law students.


The multi-stop (more than 23.000 kilometer long) trip has naturally allowed for Associate Professor Mezei to spend some hours with leisure, including a long walk in and around San Francisco, San Diego, Fort Worth (where President John F. Kennedy spent his last night) and Dallas (where eventually President Kennedy was assassinated).