2020. July 16., Thursday


II. International Week of Criminal Law

The Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences organized the International Week of Criminal Law for the second time from 19th to 23rd of September 2016.


Within the framework of the workshop 13 professors from 9 countries delivered lectures. The invited guests were: Prof. Dr. Arndt Sinn – University of Osnabrück, Prof. Dr. Cristian Mihes – University of Oradea, Prof. Dr. Eduardo Demetrio Crespo – University of Castilla-La Mancha, Prof. Dr. Gleb Bogush – Lomonosov Moscow State University, Prof. Dr. Georgios Nouskalis – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Prof. Dr. Jiuan-Yih Wu – University of Kaohsiung, Prof. Dr. Panebianco Giuseppina – University of Messina, Prof. Dr. Stefano Ruggeri – University of Messina, Dr. Stefan Samardzic – University of Novi Sad. On Monday evening the guests were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Elemér Balogh, Dean of the Faculty and the conference was opened by Prof. Dr. Krisztina Karsai, Vice-Rector of the University of Szeged, Head of the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences. The opening lecture on justifiable defence - the main topic of the conference - was delivered by Andor Gál, Assistant Lecturer.


On the first two days of the workshop the visiting professors delivered their lectures on justifiable defence and later also on various other interesting topics in English and in German language.


In connection with the conference, the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences also offered a course honoured by credits for its PhD, Erasmus and undergraduate students, which proved to be quite popular among them. The students – under the academic supervision of Prof. Dr. Krisztina Karsai, Prof. Dr. Gleb Bogush and Andor Gál – worked together on solving a case, which focused on the most important issues of the dogmatics and provisions of justifiable defence. The seminar showed how differently the very same case is being solved according to the various national provisions, sometimes even leading to fundamentally different outcomes. While examining some questions, an intense academic discourse unfolded among the students and the instructors.


On the closing day of the conference, it came to a roundtable discussion on the topic of „Criminal Law Systems in Europe (in the world) in 20 Years”, moderated by Márk Némedi (PhD student of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pro Scientia prize awarded alumni of the University of Szeged) and participated by Prof. Dr. Eduardo Demetrio Crespo, Prof. Dr. Gleb Bogush, Prof. Dr. Krisztina Karsai and Prof. Dr. Cristian Mihes. The roundtable discussion sketched the upcoming challenges of the national and supranational legislation and jurisprudence, and concluded that the arising questions in our globalised world can only be answered, if we loosen the traditional dogmatic systems.