2020. August 14., Friday


International conference at the University of Extremadura-Cáceres

The University of Extremadura-Cáceres (Spain) organized an international conference on family law named II CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE APROXIMACIÓN E INTEGRACIÓN DEL DERECHO sobre "DERECHO DE FAMILIA: NUEVOS RETOS Y REALIDADES" from 27 to 29 April, 2016 in Cáceres.


The academics and researchers of Spanish, Colombian, Chinese, Lithuanian, Turkish, Portuguese, Hungarian universities could present their reserches in English and in Spanish. Our Faculty was represented, at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Antonio Silva Sanchez, by Dr. Katalin Visontai-Szabó (Difficulties regarding family dissolution in Hungary), dr. Zsófia Kaprinay (The civil organizations role in family law in Hungary) and dr. Réka Balázs (Protección de minores y el Tribunal Europeo de Derechos humanos).


During the conference theres was opportunity to have informal talks with the foreign researchers and to get acquainted with the international aspects of family law. Of course, after the professional obligations the participants had time to discover the city of Cáceres, whose Old Town was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO.