2020. August 14., Friday


International Conference in Prague

The International Conference of Young Scholars was organised for the twentieth time in the capital of the Czech Republic ont he 26-27th of May 2016.

The jubilee year was characterized by its main topic: “The Shifting Balances of International Relations?” Young scholars arrived from different parts of the world and they brought researches from the field of law and economics. The students from the University of Szeged Faculty of Law participated in a significant number on the two-day conference. Whit their presentations they brought color into the event.

The first day of the conference was about building international relations, the organizers introduced the participant to the outstanding and captivating sights of Prague old town and to each other. The walking in the historical downtown, the inspiring movie was a great opportunity to create consistency, professional relationship among nations, so next day the participants arrived at the conference in much more friendly, fluent environment.


The day of the conference started with the warm welcom of the dean, later the head of the Jan Masary Center also welcomed the participants. Petr Drulák, the secretary of the Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic gave an interesting and fascinating analysis about the shifting balances of the world politics. His lecture was clear and sharp, prezented academic point of view, and it also generated debate among the audience. After the opening ceremony, seven panels were opened for the young scholars from the migration crisis to the revolutionary questions of international law.

The delegation from Szeged represented our university in the following panels:

  • REGIONS AND NETWORKS: NON-STATE ACTORS IN CURRENT IR: Mira Anna Varga-JakóThe Fall of an Empire, the Rise of an Organization,
  • FOREIGN POLICY, CONFLICT AND DIPLOMACY: Zsófia FarkasDiplomatic Balance and Julian Assange,
  • REFORMS AND REVOLUTION IN INTERNATIONAL LAW: Orsolya Johanna SziebigThe CITES Treaty from Critical View – Fault-lines and Lack-of-balance; Santiago Vallejo Galarraga – The Rights of Nature as a Subject of Law, in the International Environmental Law Framework; Zsófia Patyi: The Evaluation of the Judges Work in Hungary and in Other European Countries,
  • IR UNDER PRESSURE: POLITICS VS. BUSINESS: Waddah Al Rawashdeh – National Protection of Trademark under Jordanian Trademark Law, István Harkai – Blocking Websites, as a Promising Way of Copyright Enforcement.


Beside the panels, three different workshops were offered by the organizers. The one dealt with the current situation of international terrorism attracted most of the participants. But the workshop on the issue of human rights and labor law was also highly visited. The third one gave useful tips on how to write a proper study.

The 20th International Conference of Young Scholars Prague “The Shifting Balances of International Relations?” was quite useful not only from professional aspects, but it served the scientific and international inquiry and an unforgottable experience to all of the participants.