2020. July 8., Wednesday

Interview with Ana Chubinidze

(Péter Mezei) Which university are you coming from and what did you study at home?

(Ana Chubinidze) I studied at the International Black Sea University in Georgia. I graduated International Relations as a major and economics as a minor.


Ana Chubinidze

(PM) Why did you choose Szeged and what are you studying here in Szeged?

(AC) The University of Szeged suggested a three dimensional program I was exactly interested in: International relations, economics and law, even program title sounded attractive - International Economic Relations: Legal and Business Aspects. Besides the program description, ranking also played a role while choosing universities in Hungary in the framework of Stipendium Hungaricum.


(PM) What are you plans for the future after you graduate in Szeged?

(AC) My future plans are not that precise yet. I want to continue studies but in-between I would like to gain more work experience in the relevant field.


(PM) What kind of memories would you like to bring home from Szeged?

(AC) It’s been 6 months I am here and already I have lots of memories to bring home or anywhere, both related to academic studies and social life. The memories I want to bring home are the ones which would make me feel I took the best I could out of this program.