2020. August 14., Friday

Interview with Emily Cao Songshan and Ken Zhang Jiabin

(Péter Mezei) Dear Emily and Ken, thanks for the chance to have an interview with you. Which university are you coming from and what are you studying at home?

(“Emily” Cao Songshan) Good morning. May name is Emily, and I started at the Shanghai International Studies University, and my major is law.

(“Ken” Zhang Jiabin) All the information is the same regarding me.


(PM) Are you classmates in China?

(Emily and Ken) Yes.


(PM) Why did you choose our GATEWAY program?

(Ken) Szeged is in Hungary, and Hungary is in Europe. I wanted to study about the European Union.

(Emily) My reason is similar to Ken’s. The focus of the program is on Central European legal studies, and the program of the Szeged Law School offers a great chance to know this topic well. Further, Szeged is in Europe, so I have a chance to visit other European countries, too.


(PM) What kind of trips do you plan within Europe?

(Emily) We would like to visit countries around Hungary, and maybe some countries in North Europe.

(Ken) I have some former high-school classmates in Germany, so I plan to visit them soon.


(PM) Did you earlier study about the law of Central and Eastern Europe or the European Union back in China?

(Ken) On historical, some legal and international economic classes include some knowledge on the EU.


Ken Zhang Jiabin and Emily Cao Songshan

(PM) What kind of classes did you choose to study here in Szeged?

(Emily and Ken) We both take constitutional law, criminal law, intellectual property law and EU law classes.


(PM) What are your expectations for this semester?

(Emily) First, I want to improve the fundamental skills of my English, including listening, reading, speaking and writing, as maybe we will become law professionals in the future. We should know how to draft law documents. And on law classes I want to know something more on EU law. Finally, I want to make some friends from all over the globe.

(Ken) I want to know more about the EU. There is a financial crisis around globe. It would be useful to know, why.


(PM) What are your plans for the future? What type of legal work are you interested in?

(Emily) I might become an attorney, but definitely not a judge.

(Ken) If you want to become a judge, it would mean you cannot do any other form of legal job. This is why I also want to become an attorney. But I know, first I have to pass the state exam, which is really hard.


(PM) I am certain you will have success with these plans. I wish you all the best to achieve these plans. But before them, please enjoy your stay here in Szeged! Thanks for the interview!

(Emily and Ken) Thank you, too.