2020. August 14., Friday

Interview with Jérémy Cuny

(Péter Mezei) Which university are you coming from and what did you study at home?


(Jérémy Cuny) I am a French student from Sciences Po Lille, which I joined in 2013 as part of the Franco-British double degree course with the University of Kent. In this respect, I completed two years of study at the University of Kent, where I graduated in Politics and International relations. Last year I came back to Sciences Po Lille for my master degree and got specialised in European Affairs.


Jérémy Cuny

(PM) Why did you choose Szeged and what are you studying here in Szeged?

(JC) Thanks to the partnership between the University of Szeged and Sciences Po Lille, I was offered the opportunity to attend the Law Faculty of Szeged to deepen my knowledge on the European cohesion and neighborhood policies but also to gain a specific expertise on Central and Eastern Europe. I seized this opportunity and here I am ! As a native French speaker, I found the University of Szeged particularly attractive because of its Francophone University Centre, where students from the Francophone world can meet and dialogue.

(PM) What are you plans for the future after you graduate in Szeged?

(JC) After graduating from Szeged, I plan to carry on with my studies in order to specialise in European economics. Once these are completed, I picture myself either in Brussels or Paris, working for an European institution, the French government or in the European department of a company.

(PM)What kind of memories would you like to bring home from Szeged?


(JC) I will bring back home bags of good memories from Szeged for sure. Student life in the city bears no comparison with what you can experience elsewhere. For me, Szeged is especially a real gateway to the Francophonie. It welcomes students from all over Hungary, Europe and the world: this is a real melting pot, where everyone can learn from one another. Szeged is a great experience in all respects !