2020. May 26., Tuesday

Interview with Lucy Newell

Péter Mezei) Which university are you coming from and what did you study at home?

(Lucy Newell) I am coming from the University of Exeter, England. At home I study Law.


(PM) Why did you choose Szeged and what are you studying here in Szeged?

(LN) In Szeged I study Law, just like I do in England. I had several reasons for choosing to study here. The most significant was that I came to visit Budapest in the summer of 2016, and it easily became my favourite city. Consequently, although previously I hadn't heard of Szeged, I wanted to come to Hungary, and it was the only city available in the country. Furthermore, another appeal for me was the fact that Hungary is not a common destination for English people to study on Erasmus. As a result, I wanted to come here as a challenge and to be surrounded by people of other cultures and not just English people.

Lucy Newell

(PM) What are your plans for the future after you graduate in Szeged?

(LN) At the moment my plans are not definite. Although I'm studying law I dont think I want to pursue that career path until I'm a little older. For the meanwhile, my plan is to start a business with my sister.

(PM) What kind of memories would you like to bring home from Szeged?

(LN) Most of my memories of Szeged will come from the people. It's been an amazing experience to meet so many new people, and learn so much about new cultures and ways of life. However, I will also strongly remember the atmosphere that Szeged has. It's a very bright and positive city with so many festivals and events going on all the time. This is something that distinguishes the city for me, and makes it one that I will never forget.