2020. August 14., Friday

Interview with Onur Berke Okur

(Péter Mezei) Which university are you coming from, and what do you study there?

(Onur Berke Okur) I'm coming from the Ankara University, Faculty of Law, Turkey.

(Mezei) Why did you choose the Szeged Law School for your Erasmus studies?

(Okur) Many factors played a role in selecting a school. First, Hungary was a reasonable country to make a living. This is my first experience outside of my country and I heard positive things about Hungary and that was an important factor. Second, Szeged Law School's academic courses were the most similar ones to my home university's ones. So I think it was the best option for me.


(Mezei) What classes did you take?

For the fall semester I applied for the Comparative Criminal Law, Contracts in Private Law, EU Competition Law, Social Security Law and Business Management and Copyright Law Policy modules.

(Mezei) What do you like the most here in Szeged?

(Okur) Szeged is a small city but even though it is very sophistic. There are a lot of cultural and social activities I couldn't imagine in Turkey's small cities. And also the architecture of the city is very beautiful and enjoyable. It's a city where you can find anything you find.

(Mezei) What are you plans for the future? And do you think you can use your Erasmus expertise for that purpose?

(Okur) I think it is too early for me to create a strict and solid career plan. Since I have 2 more years to study home, I have only ideas, not plans. Even though I am very interested in international law, I always had the idea to focus on commercial law. Getting my Master and working in the semi-state institutions like Capital Observing Institution in my country, using their scholarship opportunities and making research in Europe is an option for me. But after seeing how wide copyright law is I am also thinking about combining it with my interests in commercial law. They have very close relationships. Taking European Law classes is also really interesting for me. I am sure in many fields it will carry me one step forward. Especially if I will apply to other European universities to conduct research and complete a Masters programme.