2020. November 27., Friday

Interview with Subrata Sarkar

20190323_121101(Péter Mezei) Which university are you coming from and what did you study at home?

(Subrata Sarkar) I am pursuing general LL.M in Queens University Belfast parallel to my Szeged studies. That LLM is due to be completed by September of 2019. At home I studied law in Haldia Law College, India.


Why did you choose the International Trade and Investment Law LLM program of the Szeged Law School?

I chose International Trade and Investment Law LL.M of Szeged Law School because when I checked the modules of the course I felt that this can prove to be very useful for practicing commercial law in Europe.


What are your plans for the future after your graduation in Szeged?

I plan to pursue the career of an arbitrator or I might decide to do a PhD.


What memories are you bringing home from Szeged?

I have really enjoyed my academic session here in Szeged I consider myself fortunate to attend the lectures of highly professional and dedicated professors. They personally ensured that we understood their lectures and were very patient to answer our queries. I also made very good friends and will take many pleasant memories of Szeged along with me.