2020. August 14., Friday

Interview with Zhang Weilin

(Péter Mezei) Which university are you coming from and what did you study at home?

(Zhang Weilin) I come from Northwestern University of China, and my major is actually Chinese Language and Literature, which is not even close to law.


(PM) Why did you choose Szeged and what are you studying here in Szeged?

(Weilin) There are many reasons why I choose Szeged, but most personal one should be that I have never heard Szeged before, which makes it more interesting and mysterious for me, and the history of Hungary is another reason why I choose Szeged. What’s more, the University of Szeged is the alma mater for one Nobel Prize winner, it’s so cool.


(PM) What are you plans for the future after you graduate in Szeged?

(Weilin) I plan to have a further study on law in the University of Sydney, which is not certain before I went to Szeged. But during these days study on law, I realized that this area is worth trying for me.


(PM) What kind of memories would you like to bring home from Szeged?

(Weilin) A lot! It’s really hard to make a conclusion of which kind of memory I would like to bring home, the hot weather, the teacher, the teammates, the bread, the missing train, but among these things, I think the memory about people is the most unforgettable memory I want to bring home. Even though my days in Szeged is quite limited now, but still I hope Szeged would be a wonderful city for me in the future.