2020. July 16., Thursday

Lectures in London and Oxford

Dr. Péter Mezei, Associate Professor of Law has delivered a lecture in the modern premises of the University of West London Ealing School of Law and Criminology on January 16, 2018. The presentation focused on the possible consequences of Brexit on the UK intellectual property system, especially on the copyright law of the United Kingdom. It was discussed what legal institutions of the EEC/EU were implemented by the UK that were regulated differently by their domestic laws (e.g. the concept of originality, limitations and exceptions, freedom of movement of goods and services, balancing fundamental rights, term of protection), or that were never regulated before (orphan works, droit de suite).


Finally, there are some undecided issues yet, like the fate of CJEU case law in the post-Brexit UK, or the fate of norms introduced to UK law via EU directives (e.g. on the acceptance and enforcement of foreign judicial decisions, portability of subscriptions).


On January 18, 2018, Dr. Mezei has also presented in the St. Hilda's College of the University of Oxford. The presentation was about Associate Professor Mezei's forthcoming book on copyright exhaustion.

He has introduced the book's structure and its key points, especially those on the possible acceptance and introduction of a digital first sale doctrine. Mr. Mezei has received several notable comments from the audience that can help him developing further his research on this field.