2020. July 9., Thursday

New universities in our Faculty’s partner hub

The new bilateral agreements that the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences concluded with two European universities deepened our partners’ hub.

First, our Faculty concluded both a bilateral agreement (with a special focus on research and educational collaboration) and an Erasmus+ mobility agreement with the Hacettepe University of Istanbul in April 2018. The Hacettepe University is one of the leading public universities of Ankara, which provides an accepted high quality education for its students. Second, the Faculty opened the door for joint research, as well as teachers’ and students’ mobility by the Memorandum of Understanding concluded with the Polotsk State University of Belarus, seated in Novopolotsk.


Our Faculty has been represented by Dr. Mátyás Császár on the conference organized by the Belarusian University. According to Mr. Császár “the bilateral agreement serves as the basis for a fruitful collaboration. The Faculty of Law of the Polotsk State University is a very modern school, the Belarusian colleagues are very open towards students’ and teachers’ mobility as well as joint research projects. I hope that we can host more and more guest from the Polotsk State University in Szeged”.


The two new contacts further deepened the already existing partner hub of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. As such, it allowed for our colleagues and our students to choose from new options to visit, as well as it opened our doors for new incoming researchers and students.