2020. July 8., Wednesday

On the 21th of February 2019, the „Gateway” Chinese-Hungarian Student Exchange Program launched another, new semester

6 Chinese students participated in the opening ceremony, filled by excitement and high expectations. The students are representing the following partner universities: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and Xi’an Northwest University.


Our Faculty and the Program were represented by Dr. Norbert Varga, PhD, Program Director, Dr. Tamás Pongó PhD, Program Coordinator and educators, respectively. During the ceremony, it became evident that the students are fueled by curiosity regarding our program, our town and our country. As our previous experiences suggest, they will return to China with significantly more knowledge in the field of law than they previously had. Also, they will gain knowledge about the cultural heritage of Hungary and Europe as well.

The start of the new semester proved the persistent and successful work of our lecturers and organizers that they keep doing from semester to semester since the beginning of the program.

After the formal part of the ceremony, following a long-lasting tradition, the students accompanied by their teachers took a picture together, this time on the flight of stairs inside the building of the Faculty of Law. This picture symbolises the close cooperation between the two countries.