2020. June 1., Monday

Ondrej Filipec lectured at the Szeged School of Law and Political Sciences

Dr. Ondřej Filipec, assistant professor of the Department of Politics and European Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (Slovakia) visited the Department of Political Science between 12–15 March 2018.


Students of the bachelor’s/master’s programs in Political Science could materially benefit from this teaching program. His lectures covered many current areas in the field of European Politics and policy-making.


The individual lectures discussed:

1. Power distribution and MLG in the EU

2. Towards supranationality: do we need supranational institutions within EU governance?

3. Pursuing national interests within multilevel governance context

4. The role of individuals, cities and regions within EU governance

Besides Czech attitude towards European integration, the professor shared his opinion with our students and colleagues on the main challenges for Czech democracy. He delivered a lecture for BA students of Political Science on the topic ‘The Nation of Velvet: The Implications of 1989 Revolution’.