2020. August 14., Friday


Our first adventure in Prague – Regional Academy on the United Nations 2016/2017

Students from the University of Szeged represent themselves again in the Regional Academy on the United Nations (RAUN) sessions. Within the framework of this unique programme the students spent three days abound with interesting and thought-provoking lectures and presentations. The first session was held in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

The first session of the Regional Academy on the United Nations 2016/2017 took place in Prague between 2-4 May. Besides the host country’s students, Austrian, Slovakian and Hungarian MA and PhD university students participated in the event. The 36 participants of this programme come from 18 different countries showing the diversity of this prestigious conference.


Six students representing the Hungarian team came from three different universities: Blanka Bartos, Gergely Szőri, Melinda Marosi-Kiss, Zita Bódi from the University of Szeged, Lilla Nóra Kiss from the University of Miskolc and Lúcia Hörömpöli from Corvinus University of Budapest.

The Prague-session enabled the students to get to know each other better through team-building activities and to bring their different cultures a little bit closer. Apart from this, an important part of this conference was to form research groups with students from different countries based on their research field preferences provided in advance.


The students had the opportunity to participate actively in various exciting lectures and to take part in activities like visiting the Foreign Ministry of Czech Republic. Lectures were held in connection with the difficulties of the Roma inclusion and the practical activity of the European Economic and Social Committee. Students gained some practical knowledge as well about research methodology and academic writing in English.


Last but not least, the Hungarian team would like to thank the opportunity to Dr. Anikó Szalai, the Hungarian coordinator of the RAUN. We are also very grateful for the support and efforts to Dr. Orsolya Johanna Sziebig, the Hungarian assistant coordinator of the RAUN. Special thanks go to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Law and the International and Regional Studies Institute for their financial support. The RAUN will continue in Bratislava in September.