2020. August 14., Friday

Professor Karsai was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair

From 1 September 2016, Dr. Krisztina Karsai full member of the

Faculty was honoured to be awarded (by the European Commission) the

title of Jean Monnet professor through the program entitled “Legal

Innovation for Citizens: An Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.”

The program shall continue until the summer of 2019. Within the

framework of the program, Prof. Karsai will carry out research

concerning the integration of European criminal law, and in

particular, the legal challenges and innovative answers presented by

the process of the bridging of European criminal justice systems.

Even more important with regard to the program are her efforts and

goal to pass on the knowledge from these fields through university

teaching in a diverse and comprehensive manner.


Dr. Krisztina Karsai

Prof. Karsai wishes to extend the knowledge of law students to cover

practical and everyday legal issues, and for students studying

international relations, or carrying out studies related to

international management and social sciences other with an emphasis

on international aspects, She hopes to turn their attention and

interest toward public policy and public finance aspects that are

shaping our future.


The program also comprises opportunities for the coordination

professional discourse and arranging special programs, meetings with

experts in these fields, thus I’ll primarily be given to opportunity

to organize workshops, round-table meetings with the participation of

legal professionals of judicial authorities or law enforcement

bodies.Furthermore, there are also opportunities under the

educational (academic) program for holding lectures, presentations,

practical teaching, consultations, or any forms of student-teacher

meetings at other universities as well, where mutual discourse is

made possible in connection with the areas of study presented above.


The next Jean Monnet course will be held for MIR-students and for

Gateway students in Spring 2017.