2020. August 14., Friday


Spanish guest professors from University of Extremadura

Between 23-26th April 2017 three Spanish guest professors are coming to visit us from the University of Extremadura Faculty of Law, Caceres. Antonio Silva Sanchez, Manuel Peralta Carrasco and Ángel Acedo Penco are professors at the Private Law Department. They all are members of an international research group which deals with comparative law in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

On 24th April there will be an informal meeting where Peter Mezei vice dean and Matyas Csaszar the secretary of the Committee of the International Affairs take part. On Monday at 5.00 PM at the faculty lounge Manuel Peralta Carrasco and Ángel Acedo Penco will give a lecture about the Protection of consumers’ rights organized by the Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law and Family Law Scientific Students Association.

Antonio Silva Sanchez will be the moderator of the event. On Tuesday at 2.00 PM at the Building of the Szeged Academic Board organized by Legal Psychology Committee there will be another event: Manuel Peralta Carrasco and Katalin Visontai Szabó will give a joint lecture about Pros in the necessity of mediation in Hungary and in Spain.