2023. February 5., Sunday


A succesfull internship story at the European Public Law Organization

European Public Law Organization’s (EPLO) distinctive academic programs offer an internship opportunity for the students from all over the world. Same as the last year, our Faculty together with the International and Regional Studies Institute offered a scholarship for our Faculty students who were interested the internship program. This year, the third year International Relations student Sebasztian Simic participated in the EPLO’s internship program offered at the EPLO headquarters in Legrena-Greece, and has just returned home with a three months experience.


Mr. Simic started the internship program during the very first day of the EPLO’s traditional international conference on the European Group of Public Law which celebrated the 30th Anniversary this year. Our student summarizes his impression on the event as follows: “one of the best, most astonishing conferences I have ever attended”. Further, Mr. Simic appretiated the professional work and experiences he had gain during the conference.

During three monhts, our student fulfilled several tasks similar to the human resources specialist and worked with several other students from different countries. He was assigned a task to be one of the planning committee member of the Model United Nations conference held in Greece by the EPLO’s European Law and Governance School. While the administrative tasks were bringing many academic experiences together, he always had time to visit the EPLO’s rich library. Mr. Simic says that the resources he reviewed in the EPLO’s library contributed developing his BA thesis work.


Besides the administrative and academic tasks, he used his creativity to held the teamwork up together with planning some social events. Visiting Athens, some of the near Greek islands, and the other cultural and historical places arond the EPLO’s headquarters are some of those social events.


In addition to working in the EPLO’s professional environment, Mr. Simic had experienced with working in a highly multicultural environment. Such experiences helped Mr. Simic with discovering other cultures, as well as exploring diversified perspectives, besides contributing to self-learning. From these point of views, our student suggests his colleagues the participation in this brilliant internship program.

Reported by Gizem Gültekin Várkonyi