2020. June 1., Monday


The delegation from Szeged conquers Budapest


The newly established International Diplomatic Student Association Szeged has been working vigorously to provide professional help and background for those interested in diplomacy and international affairs. With its 50 members, IDSA Szeged has already sew the seeds for success, which became clear last week after a Model United Nations conference in Budapest, as known as MUNAPEST 2018. This event was the first where the delegation from Szeged could flourish their recent knowledge gained during the weekly held MUN Clubs that gave them a basic observation on which they could built on. Three members from the presidency and 13 other members represented a country as delegates in 6 different committees and debated in favour of their national policies.


For four days they augmented their negotiation skills, professional English language and also they could dig deep in the current topic they had to argue about. The symbol of a successful committee work is a prosperous resolution written and accepted by the delegates. The IDSA Szeged members did a rewarding job as Zalán Fülöp won the Honorable Mention award at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and also Márk Marsal and Momen Badarna earned the Best Position Paper Award for their thorough research on their committee’s topic. Congratulations!

Fanni Lajkó