2020. July 8., Wednesday

The Master in International Relations Program is 5 years old!

On 7 December 2018, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of starting our Master in International Relations Program in English.

We are proud to present a quick review of these excellent past 5 years:

  • The MIR Program still remains the first and the only IR MA program offered by a Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Hungary;
  • There are 55 MIR graduates all around the world taking different roles in many professional activities. Some of them have become part of different public institutions such as Ministries, Embassies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Universities, and International Organizations, while some others have taken up a variety of professional roles at private companies operating in different fields (commerce, industry, service sector);
  • Currently, we have 53 students discovering the hidden gems of International Relations from Kosovo, Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, Hungary, Laos, Montenegro, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Syria, and Turkey;
  • Hundreds of academic events go through our network, including special student events like the MIRACLE (MIR Academic Lecture Series);
  • More than 20 lecturers including academics, lawyers, diplomats and experts have been contributing to MIR curriculum.

MIR_5We are thankful to the University of Szeged, the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, and International and Regional Studies Institute for offering such a great possibility for our future International Relations Experts.

We are also very thankful to the MIR lecturers, administration staff, and of course, to our brilliant students! Our success is mutual. Thank you for working with us.

See our official website to learn more about MIR.