2020. August 14., Friday



During the summer of 2017 Viktoria Valyi and myself had the opportunity to join the Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. based law firm Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin, White Attorneys at Law.

We could not have fulfilled better our Anglo Saxon Law and English Legal Translation studies than travelling to America and experiencing in real life what we have learned from books.

The firm itself is quite well known in Maryland, therefore handles numerous high profile cases. Practice areas at the firm involves anything from Civil to Criminal. We were involved in criminal defense cases, wrongful death, sports and entertainment law, child sex abuse cases etc.


From the first day we arrived we were introduced and treated as members of the firm. We got a whole criminal case which we were required to write a summary from, besides we had the opportunity to attend to state court and federal court trials with Mr. Silverman, Mr. Thompson and Mr. White as well as client conference calls with Mr. Steven J. Kelly, client meetings and depositions with Mr. Andrew J. Slutkin.

Mr. Brian Thompson explained his interesting criminal cases to us in depth, and we joined him to the court in numerous cases.


When we attended to the federal court we were honored to meet with Judge Robert D. Bennett who was very much interested in the Hungarian Judicial system since he had already been to several central European countries to study their systems, although not yet in Hungary.


We also had the chance to discover the beauties and interests of that part of the U.S.A. such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore itself which is a wonderful town and since it was our first journey to the states we experienced and learned a lot about the American lifestyle.

The man behind the programme is our Professor Philip J. Closius who we are grateful for this huge opportunity and we are also thankful to Mr. Steven D. Silverman, Mr. Brian G. Thompson, Andrew J. Slutkin, Andrew C. White for all the support and help and Steven J. Kelly for the interesting cases we were involved and everybody at the firm as well as to the University of Szeged and Peter Mezei for all the helpful information he gave us.

Kata Varga