2021. April 23., Friday

Publications of the Faculty

We are proud that the professors of the faculty have an excellent scientific background and outstanding professional knowledge and they live up to the predecessors’ high requirements by regularly publishing articles and papers both in national and international journals.


Acta Conventus de Iure Civili

The series of the Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law has its 12th publication. The books contain conference materials organised by the Department, works of the professors and successful civil law related products of the enthusiastic and talented students of the Faculty. The Acta is a possibility for publications not just for the undergraduate students of the Faculty, but also for the PhD students to publish their research results. Moreover, we plan to publish papers in connection with the codification of the Civil Code.


Acta Juridica et Politica

After the start of the University in 1921, the publication of the Acta series was started. It was edited by different faculties and institutes of the University and it gained a reputation in Szeged. The Friends’ Association of the University had significant merits in the process of publication, which developed the cultural life of the city with successful Free University lectures. The Acta of the Faculty of Law is still published, Volume LXXX was issued in 2010.


Publicatines Doctorandorum

This series provides possibility of publication for the PhD students of the Faculty.


Elemér Pólay Foundation

Pólay Lecture Notes - Pólay Coursebooks - Pólay Lawbooks

The Elemér Pólay Foundation was established in 1996 and since then its aim is to support the legal higher education of Szeged in various ways. The Foundation supports the talented and especially the young professors with scholarships; moreover, it publishes various legal textbooks. Its two new series are the Fundamenta Fontium Juris and the Opera Iurisprudentiae; the prior is the publication of the basic norms with extensive commentary; the latter is a textbook serial including volumes which all classical legal studies, summary of decades of teaching experiences.

The second serial is the Pólay Lecture Notes which includes course materials. The volumes of this serial are always changing if the study materials require it. They are cheap, albeit sophisticated volumes. The first Pólay serial, the Elemér Pólay Foundation Library is an academic series, the volumes contain PhD dissertations, books of critical thought and monographs; 27 volumes were published in this series of high quality up until 2009.



The journal called ‘Control’ was established and supported by the Hungarian law faculties with the aim of providing the possibility of publishing for researchers of the operation of law, the social effects of law, especially the issue of jurisdiction; and reflecting the Hungarian legal enforcement bodies. We believe that the jurisdiction needs external critique like every other branch of power. Although we experienced that the jurisdiction and the decisions of the judges are attacked by tabloids in years gone by. These attacks have resulted in safeguarding reflexes instead of beginning a substantive dispute.

Another aim of the journal is to help the changing higher education in the period of reflection with difficult challenges by supporting the high quality university education which has strong connections with the academic area. The editors thought that this journal could be a forum for those who want to support the scientific activity of the universities, publishing the results and eager to come to know new aspects, topics and approaches.


Journal of Legal Theory

The articles of the Journal of Legal Theory are from the fields of legal theory, legal sociology and other branches of law, as well from the political sciences and other social theories.


De Iurisprudentia et Iure Publico - Journal of Political and Legal Sciences

Despite the growing increase of online scientific and information journals caused by the rapid development of information and technology in the past few years the number of websites related to questions of legal and political sciences are still low in Hungary. The noted professors of the Faculty decided to effect this tendency by starting an online journal which publications are related to the field of legal and political sciences with the widest scope possible.

The De Iurisprudentia et Iure Publico provides a new forum of publication for the presentation of articles, reviews and conference memoirs in connection with the field of legal and political sciences, increasing the number of journals related to these issues.

This journal is not just for young scholars to publish their research, but also a possibility for employees in practice to share their opinions, statements and suggestions which could be only heard in their institutes.



The Dialogue is made primarily for the Friends Association related to the Faculty, albeit it is interesting for every lawyer who studied at the University of Szeged. The genre is ‘journal of nostalgia’, because its main aim is to inform the alumni of the law students of Szeged of the current and upcoming events of the Faculty. In addition, the Dialogue gives the opportunity for the alumni to share their experiences from their different workplaces. The journal is published annually from 1998 onwards with colourful and remarkable articles.


Faculty Herald

This publication of the Faculty comes out twice a year. It shows the events of the Faculty as well the professors’ scientific and professional events outside the Faculty, for instance research stays and conference presentations abroad, this way the faculty community is informed. The Faculty Herald contains the changes in personnel and the decisions of the Faculty Council.