2020. February 25., Tuesday

Report about the publishing activity of the Pólay Elemér Foundation

The Pólay Elemér Foundation was founded by the Hungarian Bar Association fifteen years ago (1996) with the purpose of not only contributing to and increasing the quality of higher education in legal expert training of the Faculty of Law in Szeged but also at nationwide level. At the time of determining the name of the foundation, the votes were decided in favour of Elemér Pólay, the well-known and unanimously respected Romanist professor, whose personality and educational-academic work greatly express the quality, and care which, is also the most important aim of the foundation.


Over the fifteen years since the establishment of the foundation two fields of meritorious activity crystallized. The first is the support of young educators-researchers with scholarships, the second is the monitoring of the high-quality publication-series. The category of the latter continues to extend.


Dr. iur. Elemér Balogh

Professor of law, editor of the publication-series