2022. May 16., Monday

The “Lófara”

Previously the Faculty of Law Building had hosted a civic girls’ school and a Regional Court of Appeal.


After the destruction of the 1867’s great flood in Szeged, and the following necessary preparation, the rebuilding of Szeged began. A Commission of the King dealt with the organization and the execution of these constructions. Due to this commission a requirement of style-system was established, which is still in place to this very day in Szeged. The eclectic style of the building, at Tisza Lajos körút 54., harmonizes with the cityscape. The financing of the constructions originated from the donations of an exemplary collaboration, and with this assistance Szeged was rebuilt. Nándor Jiraszek and Lipót Krauszek as co-contractors, according to the plans of Elek Petsch, began the construction in the summer of 1881, which was finished in the August of 1882. During these times, a barred double-gangway led to the main entrance, and its portcullis was a gift by Pál Nigrényi locksmith-master. The glass surface of both wings of the main entrance’s door is adorned by the original same renaissance bars, which are one of the most virtuoso works according to experts. After the conveyance of the building, it functioned as an Elementary and Civic Girls’ School of the City. In 1921, when the University of Cluj-Napoca moved to Szeged, a suitable location had to be found, as the Regional Court of Appeal, at that time was located in the current main building of the University of Szeged at the Dugonics square. In order to accommodate the University of Cluj-Napoca the girls’ school was moved. Moreover, the Faculty of Law was moved into the building at Dugonics square, on the second floor. This status quo lasted until 1951, when, after the termination of the Regional Court of Appeal, the jurist community of Szeged received the building at the Tisza Lajos körút. In the academic year of 1963/64 the Faculty’s building was extended by one extra floor, therefore the imposing tower of the building was teared down. The next extension was in the academic year of 1989/90, when the University acquired the former party commission wing of the County Council’s building, where the departments of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences and the Board of Economic moved in. In 2005, the current building of the Faculty of law underwent significant interior and exterior renovations. The renovations result in a buffet and lounge on the third floor of the law faculty building. Additionally, in order to aid full access to the building a wheelchair access was created at the back entrance stairs as well as an elevator being installed in the building. The most recent development of the city urban renewal also affects the Faculty’s building, because of the Dobó square, which is in front of the main entrance, as this will be altered into a pedestrianized area.


In front of the Faculty, at the Dobó square, stands the Memorial of the Third Hussar Regiment. The bronze horsed statute stares in the opposite direction of the Faculty, thus the horse and its horseman show their backs to the building. As a result of the positioning of the statue in relation to the Faculty of Law the widely-know name given to the Faculty was coined, “Lófara” (Horseback-end). This expression is widely known by all university students as well the inhabitants of Szeged as referring to the building of the Faculty of Law.