A szintetikus kábítószerek elleni fellépés modern eszközei / Combatting new chemical crimes

(Az EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00008 számú, Intelligens szakosodást szolgáló intézményi fejlesztések: Intelligens élettudományi technológiák, módszertanok, alkalmazások fejlesztése és innovatív folyamatok, szolgáltatások kialakítása a szegedi tudásbázisra építve c. projekt keretében)


Modern chemistry is essential for our societies and it triggers development in every field of our life, we need the innovations and the new discoveries of chemists in order to make our life easier, simpler and healthier. Both state agencies and non-governmental organisations and also the independent research centres consume huge amounts of money to finance the science of the chemistry. We are interested in new technologies and new substances, which can be used for peaceful and legal purposes. However, chemistry in its narrow sense is neutral. It does not differ whether or not the purpose of the outcome of chemical designing is illicit. The producers of chemicals generally operate in a legitimate environment, even the synthetic manufacture of narcotics (which anyway has no legitimate use) is composed of chemical processes, which could be not prohibited in their single steps.We can state that the illicit purpose of use of certain chemicals creates the field of “chemical crimes”, right in the moment when the use gets prohibited by the law.The chemical crimes have different types and the control systems of chemicals in a broader sense both on global level and in the single countries are different.

The project goals to establish new approach to combat the chemical crimes in particular „designer-drug” chemistry.