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Application Requirements

Application Requirements
2021. January 19.

Information on the applications during the COVID-19! Prospective students should check here to see information on applications under the COVID-19 .

Applications are accepted through an online application portal.

You can start your application here.


General Requirements


1.Curriculum Vitae

2.Language Certification (see Language Requirements below)

3.Motivation Letter

4.Reference Letters (2 Letters, from academics at Universities, including former Professors, thesis supervisor etc.)

5.An original Research Proposal (max. 3 pages elaborating on research idea which the applicant wishes to examine as a Master's thesis project. Please note that the thesis project submitted might change over time)

6.Diploma and Transcript of Records (in English or approved English translation). See the Eligible Degrees section below.

Language Requirements 

English - IELTS 6.5 or interchangeable TOEFL 79-93 score interval (equivalent to CEFR B1-C2 level). NOTE! Degree attesting graduation from a BA program fully taught in English provides for an exemption from under the language requirements.

Addmission Interview

All the applicants will go through an Admission Interview. (NOTE! We reserve the right to refuse applications due to unsatisfactory language skills based on the experiences of the admission interview).

Admission Interviews will be conducted in person in the first week of July in each Academic Year or later on under personalised arrangement with our international applicants. In this case, Interviews are generally conducted online via Skype or VoIP, max. for 20 minutes, to evaluate the applicants' personal and academic aptitude.

Degrees Eligible for Admission 


·BA in International Relations

·BA in International Studies

·other degrees based on preliminary assessment (according to the Hungarian Higher Education Laws) and evaluation by the administration of the Program.


·BA in International Relations

·BA in International Studies

·other degrees that qualify under the relevant Hungarian rules; please consult www.felvi.hu for more details.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Those applicants who do not hold BA degree in International Relations, will need to provide their academic transcript for review to the Admission Committee, to check compliance with necessary entry credits (30 ECTS) based on Hungarian regulations. If the courses in the transcript of the applicant do not correspond to the minimal entry credits (30 ECTS) in the Faculty International Relations Curriculum, the application unfortunately cannot and will not be further processed. Prospective applicants, upon providing their transcripts, will be informed about such a decision by the Admission Committee in due time.

NOTE! After the official procedure, if you are admitted to the Program with degrees other than a BA or MA in International Relations are required by Hungarian law to take compensatory courses for 30 ECTS credits, evenly distributed (2x15 ECTS) along the first Academic Year. These courses are on top of those that are included in our Curriculum. 

Financial Information

Tuition Fees: 1.800 EUR/semester.

Application fee: 35 EUR


Entrance exam fee: 100 EUR

Please Note! Tuition Fees are subject regular chance and revision.


Check here to see the most updated fee information.

Application Deadline

Please note that Program application with scholarship option has its own deadlines. Depending on the scholarship type, please consult the scholarship provider's website or contact our University International Office.

Program applications without scholarship (by paying the tuition fee) start every year in February and ends May the 30th.