2022. July 3., Sunday


The core objective of the Program is to train and prepare our graduates to be able to analyze and interpret international relations in both a practical and theoretical context, overarching many different fields such as international trade and business, knowledge management, diplomatic relations, political sciences, international public law, human rights protection and regarding many different aspects of the institutional and legal background of the European Union.

In a narrower context, our graduates will also be able to place the perspectives of the Central-Eastern European region in a framework of international relations creating legal and economic challenges.

It is a priority of MIR-LBA to develop competencies enabling the comparative study of current institutional-legal and dispute resolution models as well as such institutional structures through an analytical point of view. Through the in-depth, comparative assessment of these different models and structures, our graduates shall have a better understanding of complex intra-institutional relations mainly focused on the European integration.


As part of MIR-LBA, the students shall be able to dynamically improve their knowledge in English legal, economic, political and social sciences terminology and their relevant discussion and negotiation skills. This constitutes a considerable advantage on the international labor market.

Our students can benefit from the vast educational mobility opportunities offered by the University of Szeged and the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences as part of the Erasmus+ framework.