Nyári egyetemi előadás Spanyolországban

A spanyol University of A Coruña nyári egyetemi előadás tartására kéri fel Erasmus partnereinek oktatóit. A feltételekkel és a jelentkezéssel kapcsolatos minden hasznos információ az alábbi angol szövegből megismerhető.

Dear colleagues,


Given the success of our previous call for course proposals by visiting teaching staff at Universidade da Coruña's International Summer School (http://www.iss.udc.es/courses) and given the repeated calls from interested teachers, we have decided to extend the deadline for new course proposals until end of February.


Universidade da Coruña's International Summer School offers a selection of three-week intensive courses taught by international faculty in the months of summer, which are open to Spanish and foreign undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates.


Courses are taught in English, have an academic value of 6 ECTS credits, and can be recognised as equivalent to optional courses for students of Universidade da Coruña. In 2014 we organised 14 different courses in science, arts and humanities, social science, health science, engineering and architecture (http://www.iss.udc.es/past-courses).


Faculty come from different universities and are renowned experts in their fields. They are active in academic research, consultancy or government. In 2014 we hosted 20 visiting teachers from 15 different countries (http://www.iss.udc.es/teachers).


Courses are an opportunity for local and foreign students and faculty to engage in an international experience and benefit from their mutual interaction in one of the best venues for a summer course in Europe. In 2014, the ISS had students from more than 30 different countries (http://www.iss.udc.es/students).


Call for course proposals - 2015


International faculty are invited to submit course proposals for Universidade da Coruña's International Summer School, which will be held in A Coruña in the summer of 2015.


Universidade da Coruña will help selected applicants obtain funding from their home universities under Erasmus mobility for teaching, and in addition will offer paid accommodation and meals in a university hall of residence. At the end of the course, Universidade da Coruña will issue a certificate to the visiting teacher stating the title and level of the course, the number of hours and credits taught.


Courses shall be entirely taught in English. Each three-week intensive course shall have a total teaching load of 42 hours divided into 14 three-hour sessions and will have an academic value of 6 ECTS credits. Foreign teachers shall be in possesion of a PhD or equivalent and come from countries other than that where the course will be held.


Submissions should contain:


A course proposal including:

  • The title of the course.
  • A brief description of the course (max. 200 words).
  • A list of topics.
  • An indicative reading list.

A CV of the teacher including:

  • Academic degrees and institutions awarding them.
  • Current affiliation and academic rank.
  • A list of publications and citations (a link to the author's Google Scholar or ORCID profile with suffice).
  • A brief narrative CV (max. 200 words).

Proposals should be submitted online by the end of February by filling in the following course proposal form. Candidates are encouraged to submit their proposals as early as possible, as this increases their chances of being accepted. Informal enquiries can be directed to Dr. Diego Varela at dvarela@udc.es.


We are looking forward to your proposals.

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2015. július 29.