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International Week, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

International Week

We will not only be exploring diverse topics, from international law to geopolitics, but we will be broadening our horizons. Join us between November 20-24 for our International Week, featuring guest lecturers from around the world.

International Week, Dean's MessageJoin us for our International Week at the University of Szeged’s Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, taking place from November 20 to 24, 2023. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and multicultural learning experience with captivating courses offered by our distinguished guest lecturers.


Please keep in mind that if your regular classes collide, attending 2 or more International Week classes qualifies you for an exemption. Secure your spot by filling out the Registration Form and if you are taking part in more than 2 courses you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

International Week, Dr. habil. Anikó Szalai


You can look up details of each program here, and if you want to find out more about the lecturers, and see a day-to-day schedule of the offered courses, browse this catalogue.


Discover the comprehensive schedule for our upcoming International Week! Click on the image below to access detailed information, including the exact dates and venues for each course. We look forward to your active participation and a week filled with enriching learning experiences.

International Week, Updated Schedule


Below, you will find the links to access the ONLINE courses, along with the Meeting ID and password in case they are required for entry.

November 20, 10:00

Public administration in the face of contemporary challenges: Ukrainian-Russian War (Maria Karcz-Kaczmarek PhD)

Meeting ID: 854 6143 3851

November 21, 15:00

Compliance with European Union Investment Screening Standards and Chinese Foreign Direct Investments at a Crossroads (Dr. Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi)

Meeting ID: 825 7493 8596

Passcode: 646676

November 22, 8:00

Blockchain Regulations: What We Need to Trust in terms of Global Governance (Dr. Özhan Sağlık)

Meeting ID: 898 6494 6357

Passcode: 484452

November 22, 10:00

Cross-border acquisition of agricultural lands in Poland - balance between EU freedoms and protection of family holding (Paulina Ledwoń)

Meeting ID: 816 0674 7741

Passcode: 503192

For further details or questions related to the International Week, please contact us at lawschool@szte.hu.

CONFERENCE: États d’exception dans les démocraties contemporaines : légalité et légitimité

Please register at irsi@irsi.u-szeged.hu if you would like to attend the French conference titled "États d’exception dans les démocraties contemporaines: légalité et légitimité." The event will begin at 10:30 AM, featuring simultaneous interpretations in Hungarian.

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