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The University of Szeged has renewed its cooperation with China’s top law university

An expanded cooperation agreement, signed on 13 June 2023 in Szeged by the representatives of the University of Szeged and the East China University of Political Science and Law, opens up new dimensions in legal education and research in Szeged. The University of Szeged will cooperate with the internationally prestigious Shanghai-based University in the field of education and research, and plans are also underway for faculty and student exchange programs.

The University of Szeged welcomed the delegation of the East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) on Tuesday, 13 June 2023, at the Faculty of Law, where both the negotiations and the signing of the agreement took place.


The agreement was signed by Prof. Ying Peili and Prof. Dr. Márta Görög. The document contains ambitious plans for the next five years. Photo by Anna Bobkó

Established in 1952, the East China University of Political Science and Law is one of the first law schools in the People’s Republic of China; the University holds significant prestige both within China and internationally. While in recent decades, ECUPL has gradually evolved into a multidisciplinary institution of higher education, expanding into various disciplines such as economics, management, finance, and foreign languages, law remains at its core. The Chinese delegation was led by Prof. YING Peili, the Vice Chair of the University Affairs Committee.


The cooperation between the two institutions initially started in 2018, but due to the pandemic, it was restricted to online platforms. Nevertheless, with the current circumstances, both universities are now eager to explore the potential of collaborating in person. Before the pandemic, the University of Szeged’s Faculty of Law had already sent students to ECUPL’s summer university in 2018 and 2019, proudly representing the Hungarian institution.

The purpose of the Asian delegation’s visit to Szeged was to strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions. The signing of the expanded cooperation agreement took place in the Council Room of the Faculty of Law, elevating the University of Szeged’s legal education to an international level.

“Today’s cooperation opens up new horizons, particularly in research areas in which both universities excel. Thanks to our past ties, the foundation for this cooperation is present in both institutions. Through the new programs initiated by the Chinese side, mutual exchanges of faculty and students can take place. Our fundamental goal is to share experiences and knowledge with each other. Our objectives are aligned: excellence in science, research, education, and the methodology of teaching. It’s a tremendous opportunity to collaborate with one of China’s top universities, and in terms of legal education, the most excellent one,” said Prof. Dr. Márta Görög, the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Szeged.


The the University of Szeged’s Faculty of Law is commemorating its 150th anniversary this academic year. As a token of appreciation, Prof. Dr. Márta Görög presented a silver medal to Prof. Ying Peili, the leader of the visiting delegation. Photo by Anna Bobkó

The discussions regarding the new agreement involved Wang Rui and Zoltai Alexandra, who are the Chinese and Hungarian directors of the Confucius Institute at the University of Szeged, respectively. The new contract, valid until 2028, expands both the network of connections and the target system compared to the previous agreement. Following the negotiations, the Chinese delegation and representatives of the University of Szeged exchanged gifts. The initial elements of the agreement may be implemented as early as the next academic year.

Written in Hungarian by Ferenc Lévai

Photos by Anna Bobkó


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