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Academy of European Public Law

Two students of our Faculty participated in the European Academy of Public Law program of the European Public Law Organization, and one of them received an IILLM degree!

The two intensive modules of the Academy of European Public Law (AEPL) program, organized by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), were held in Greece. The first module, “The right to good administration and its effectiveness through behavioural insights, nudges, and artificial intelligence,” was hosted at the EPLO headquarters in Athens, while the second, “Legal Techniques of European Integration,” was held at Suonion near the Temple of Poseidon. The International and Regional Studies Institute (IRSI) provided academic and financial support to students through a grant from the Hungarian Ministry of Justice. (The program is carried out with the support of the programs of the Hungarian Ministry of Justice enhancing the standards of legal education). Mohammad Alipour and Pavlo Burdiak, two PhD students from the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, participated this year and can now provide professional accounts of the program.


The primary goal of the first module was to equip students with a better understanding of the relevance of citizens’ rights to effective administration and public management. Participants could also look into its scope and implementation by European and national courts. Furthermore, they could examine two current and relevant approaches of strengthening public administration through behavioral insights and artificial intelligence, as well as instances and case law pertaining to each.

The course’s professor was continuously providing practical examples of key topics, as well as presenting the material through well-designed presentations and videos. Several case studies were reviewed, and the professor encouraged questions and discussions.

The students described the second module as covering a wide range of topics, including the legal elements of standardization, European Union citizenship, workers’ rights, and various government approaches to the Covid-19 outbreak, among others. Students were asked to produce an essay demonstrating their thorough understanding of the themes presented at the end of both modules.


Mr. Alipour remarked that by attending the summer school, he not only acquired in-depth knowledge on these issues, but he also gained confidence in his abilities and met some of the most interesting people he has ever met there. Mr. Burdiak adds that the study sessions significantly increased his understanding of European public law, and has aided his personal and professional development.

Last but not least, heartfelt congratulations to Pavlo Burdiak! He attended the Academy for the second year and wrote his thesis for the IILLM (Intensive International Master of Laws) degree in European Public Law. This diploma is issued by the EPLO and accredited in the countries that are members of the EPLO cooperation.

Witten by Eszter Kovács


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